simply perfect

What is it?


              simply perfect straws to go are a convenient way to carry your reusable straw. The carrying case easily hooks to keychain, belt loop, purse, etc.


Components are few and simple.

    Straws are:

*made of 100% food grade silicone* 

*BPA-free & *kid-friendly*


*dishwasher safe*


Simply open the flip top case and out pops your straw, 

enjoy your favorite beverage, reroll the straw and put

it back inside your case.

**do not use in microwave**

*p.s. if you enjoy adult beverages and can't refit the straw,
please don't drive* 

*Ask about
Bulk Rates*
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The Story:

In the summer of 2018, the city of Gulfport, Florida initiated a voluntary Strawless Summer Challenge.  

For 3 months, participating restaurants and bars agreed to abstain from giving plastic straws to their customers.

The goal was to reduce the effect of plastic straws on the environment.  


As a bartender in a local restaurant/bar, I was asked constantly about the missing straw in the cocktail.  I explained the Challenge and most said okay, however, their faces said otherwise.


Sometimes we had paper straws, but they mostly fell apart after each drink. A few people brought their own straws, saying that they kept a box of plastic straws in their car.  Others purchased stainless steel straws, which worked, but weren't always convenient or just forgotten at home. Some people just wanted to stir their drinks, so I began asking if they wanted me to shake them. Some did.  


I've been in the hospitality business for 30+ years. I like it. I want my customers to have a great experience. I believe things can be simple and useful, so I took 4 simple items and put them together.

**Vie Vie straws to go are a simply perfect alternative. Enjoy!


For every purchase, I will donate $1 to Keep Pinellas Beautiful, a non-profit organization to conserve and beautify our natural environment.